Policy Place

Policy Place is a monthly informal gathering of policy professionals in Cardiff Bay.

It is an opportunity to bounce ideas off one another, gain constructive feedback and build support for a good idea across multiple organisations. Furthermore, it is a chance to discuss current policy consultations and share thoughts on possible responses.

Policy Place guidelines:

  • Be constructive

  • Be non-partisan during the session (party political policy people are welcome)

  • Be supportive of your fellow policy professionals (even if you are not supportive of the idea they are proposing)

  • Attendees should not share other people's policy ideas outside of the session without permission, but keep in mind that meetings take place in public, it might not be the location to mention your upcoming top secret campaign!

  • Not all policy areas will interest all attendees, so keep contributions concise

  • If you wish to raise an item on the agenda please let the Organiser know at least 48 hours in advance, if we have more than we can cover in an hour, topics will be taken on a first come first served basis

  • A brief agenda will be produced, but minutes will not be taken so please make your own notes

  • If you wish to discuss beyond the allotted hour then feel free to carry on conversations after the session

Policy Place is free to attend (as long as you buy something from the coffee shop hosting us) and there is no need to register. Simply join us at 10 - 11am on the last Wednesday of the month* at Academy Coffee Shop @Platform, adjacent to Cardiff Bay Railway Station.

*Excluding December and August There will not be a Policy Place meeting in January 2023 due to an unavoidable diary clash.

A typical agenda will be:

  1. Call for discussion items (5 minutes)

  2. Discuss policy projects (25 minutes)

  3. Discuss current consultations (25 minutes)