I am Policy and Public Affairs Manager for a membership organisation in the health sector. My role is focused on Wales with the occasional piece of work related to the Republic of Ireland. It is a role I very much enjoy as it has the scope to be influential in the policy debate and the organisation is well respected across the political spectrum.

I had long been keen to work in the Welsh policy arena. I missed voting in the 1997 referendum because I was a month too young. Thus, all my adult life I have watched the Senedd come into being and evolve and along with it the various institutions of state.

Prior to returning to Wales, I worked for a decade in public affairs related to planning and development policy. This was predominantly in the south of England and Midlands. Clients included nearly all of the major housebuilders, high profile retailers and renewable energy companies. It was a fascinating experience that saw me work on projects including the largest incarnation of a multi-national company's store and the tallest building in a particular London borough. My role ranged from engaging with local and national politicians through to speaking to community groups and residents to ensure they had input into the planning proposals.